Lyseo Gallery – Innovation with the "gallery roof"

Travel small – live laaaaarge

Bürstner has always been synonymous with well-balanced design, functional layouts and interior expertise. The engineers, designers and developers have now excelled themselves in all three of these areas. With the "Gallery" press launch vehicle, Bürstner presents an absolute innovation, as this completely different motorhome is equipped with an over-cab area that can be elevated to create an exceptionally comfortable second "floor" living space.

Under the motto "Travel small, live large", the new Lyseo Gallery is the first motorhome model to unite the advantages of a coachbuilt/low profile motorhome with those of an over-cab bed/alcove model: When the vehicle is moving, the upper level is lowered; the vehicle then has the same silhouette as a low profile coachbuilt and is considerably more streamlined than ordinary over-cab bed models, which saves fuel. Once parked up, the front part of the roof can then simply be elevated with the aid of compressed air and a specially developed air chamber system in next to no time. An innovative milestone and the perfect motivation for serial producing the Gallery for you at some point in 2022. Discover the latest made by Bürstner newcomer now!

Experience complete freedom...



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German Innovation Award 2022 in the category #W1 Excellence in Business to Consumer - Transportation

Scope for dreams – bright, modern, inviting

The interior is a further development of the "wohnfühl" home-from-home standard that has characterised the Bürstner brand for over 30 years – with a few additional highlights. With maximum living comfort in mind, the concept has been perfected with further high-quality home accessories and practical storage solutions. Another highlight: the fixed stairs, which offer even more storage space, for safe and comfortable access to the upper level.

Amazing design and comfortably equipped interior

Never before has standing out from the crowd been this easy

The inviting kitchen always comes equipped with a large hob. Movable kitchen elements can be centrally locked ready for take-off via an RFID chip.

The fixed stairs with shag pile carpet on each step are an absolute highlight. They also offer plenty of additional storage space and are brightly lit.

Welcome in the "wohnfühlen" piano nobile

"The Lyseo Gallery underlines Bürstner's innovative capacity and passion. Both the design as well as the layout are one hundred percent in-house developments."
Tim Niedick 
Design engineer and Head of Design and Development // Body, Polymer Chassis

Experience the Lyseo Gallery live now

Our new augmented reality feature makes it possible!

You can't wait to explore every little detail of the brand-new Lyseo Gallery? Don't worry, we now offer the perfect solution for you on all mobile end devices (smartphones, tablets)! Click on the button on the left-hand side at the bottom of this page to make the latest member of the Bürstner motorhome fleet appear directly outside your own front door in only a few seconds to view it in high-resolution 3D images. Desktop users receive a QR code which they can then simply scan using their preferred mobile end device.

Even more #wohnfühlen space

Whether the practical shoe cabinet right in the entrance area, the indirect lighting throughout the vehicle or the extravagant interior, inspired by the decor of a gentlemen's club, with chartreuse-coloured buffalo leather upholstery – the Lyseo Gallery simply impresses all-round with many lovingly crafted and unusual details. This premium-class motorhome offers a #wohnfühlen ambience that you can not only see but also experience with all senses. Incredibly modern, bright and always exactly in line with your travel needs.

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Outstanding features and highlights

These features make the Lyseo Gallery a one-off

  • Bürstner's innovative pop-top roof construction creates a second living level including bed and table area.

  • The two living levels are connected via a fixed set stairs. The stair steps house cupboard elements that offer plenty of additional storage space.

  • Pure indulgence! An electric pop-up coffee machine as well as a 142l refrigerator set new benchmarks when it comes to comfort and convenience.

  • The new Bürstner's innovative layout, movable tables as well as 205 centimetres of headroom are further ergonomic highlights.

  • Whether summer or winter – you can enjoy the new Lyseo Gallery all year round. Thanks to the insulated sandwich floor, you can even walk around your "wohnfühlen" motorhome barefoot.

Despite its compact dimensions, the Lyseo Gallery is equipped with a very generously sized washroom. The use of slate creates a particularly extravagant ambience.

Innovation from the Bürstner company

Lyseo Gallery – when development becomes progress

You'd probably have to be a magician to pull a new dream vehicle out of the bag just like that. However, what our engineers, developers and product designers did to come up with the Lyseo Gallery in a record time of only eighteen months seems almost like magic, as Bürstner developed all of the technical highlights as well as the design and the layout of its new coachbuilt with "gallery roof" 100 percent in-house. Thanks to passion, uncomplicated decision-making processes and a recreational vehicle technology expertise matured over decades. You'd like to discover further innovations and highlights from the colourful world of Bürstner? Then why not click you way through the product categories on our website – it doesn't cost a thing to have a look! Whether compact camper vans, "semi-integrated" or "integrated" models, Bürstner offers the right design for all types of holiday makers and campers. 

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